Metec 2023 - Hall 1 / A89
Metec 2023 - Hall 1 / A89
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Toughness, durability and flexibility-in our copper molds made of high performance alloys, meld our over 180 year experience with the latest innovation. Custom tailored for your products beyond the norm.

Made in Germany.


We offer the complete range of copper molds for continuous casting of all steel formats… even up to a width of 4 meters for slab and over one meter diameter for billets.

We are constantly expanding our range of special molds. Thereby fulfilling the needs of our customers, who rank among the largest industrial companies worldwide.

Our molds are primarily custom made from copper-silver (CuAg) and copper-chromium-zirconium (CuCrZr) alloys. Both alloys are noted for high strength, which is optimal for the end-use. For example continuous casting, with assistance from the Emerald Breakout Detection-System combined with glass fiber temperature sensors. The alloys originate from the manufacturing of our sister company Elsässer Industries – the specialist for High Performance alloys.

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To deliver an optimal custom product is our goal. Every mold that leaves our state of the art machine park is a customized product made to order.


We, at CSN are convinced that quality goes hand in hand with innovation. From this core value, we developed together with the Belgian company EBDS, an optimal casting process through the use of the patented horizontal installation of glass fiber temperature sensors and their Emerald Breakout Detection-System, with which the uniform temperature profile of the molds are monitored in high resolution and irregularities are instantly detected. In this way, we strive for the highest possible steel quality and unusually high process stability with our products.


Carl Schreiber GmbH was founded in the year 1837. At the time, the company’s production was focused on mining, smelting and casting. The manufacturing was expanded after the installation of the rolling mill and forging press in 1911, and from 1980 onwards, the production was oriented to plate and sheet manufacturing exclusively- ten years later, the first finish machined molds were delivered. Since 2018, CSN has been under the successful leadership of Joseph Meseha and Partners, who are constantly developing the enterprise to further pioneer in the global market.

In the over 180 year history of the company, CSN has grown from a key supplier to OEMs to one of the leading mold manufacturers worldwide. As a mid-sized company in the heart of Germany, we can produce and deliver with particular flexibility.



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